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Once upon a time the only form of marketing was word and mouth. It then developed to posters, print and a myriad of other forms of marketing….. Well, it’s back! Social Media Marketing is building your social network fans, followers, and connections using relevant and interesting content that is shared, allowing you to reach and engage more people and drive more business. Let’s Talk Marketing can show you how if you are not doing so already.

Email, Enewsletters, text messaging these are all relatively cost effective ways of communicating with your existing and potential customers. Whatever your business constant communication is now an expected practice rather than a required practice – if you are not doing it already, you need to now.




Remarketing allows website owners to reach those potential clients who have visited their website and not made a purchase. By adding code to each page on your website it is possible to create lists of visitors categorised according to the page they have visited.

A display advert campaign can then be created to show highly relevant messages to people who've visted these pages as they browse other sites across the Google Display Network. 

So if you have a pet shop website and you have a page for dog bones, it is possible to re-target those visitors who have surfed that page by placing displays on websites they browse. If the person who has looked at your dog bones then looks at the Daily Mirror website, your display advert appears there (if you have selected that site) and the browser would assume you naturally advertise to everybody whereas your advert only appears for that single person and nobody else.

It is an amazing new tool which allows you to stay engage with your target audience and everybody with a website should consider using it as it can radically improve your ROI.


Your display advert campaign fits around your available budget (there’s no minimum spending commitment) so you are in complete control of your advertising. With your display advert campaign, you're charged only when someone clicks your advert.

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